Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is a thermal machining process aimed to deposit one or more different material layers onto another one in order to protect, repair or improve the substrate proprieties of the surface. Main field of application of this technology are: blade turbine, mold hardening, corrosion preventing on incinerators pipeline and on valves on offshore application.


Material deposition is obtained with a combined action of laser, powder and gasses. Indeed, as shown in the picture, the laser beam melts a shallow layer of the substrate where the bonding is created. The powder is fed though a nozzle and start melting before reaching the substrate. This high speed semi fluid particles impact onto the substrate generating the cladding.


The SITEC is involved in different area of laser cladding study as: cladding head design, process parameter study and new powder mixes development. It has also been developed a system for monitoring the output powder to study the best working condition.


Morover the SITEC is involved in national and international laser cladding process offering also industrial consultancy. Start up of cladding station for industry can be held driving the costumer to the correct laser source choice up to the process optimization.

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