SITEC lab has a nice action of modeling or simulation for various of laser heat treatment processes, especially in laser hardening and laser cladding.

Thanks to the various of professional software supported by POLIMI or purchased by SITEC lab, such as MATLAB, COMSOL, ABAQUS, SYSWELD and so on, we have a nice experience both in analytical modeling and numerical simulation, and also got some commendable result in our previous work.

Modeling for Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is using a laser beam with a certain energy distribution to heat the iron surface until it's over the AC3 temperature, and after, with a speed enough cooling the metal phase could be turn to be the martensite. That's the laser hardening is also called laser transformation hardening.

SITEC lab have experience to simulate the thermal condition of the laser hardening both in the plane surface and circular surface, and the result of the modeling is quite close to the measurements results in the reality experiments.

Simulation for Laser Cladding

Laser cladding is a more complex application compared to the laser hardening. But the process could be simply describe as follow: a laser beam melts the metal surface and produce a melt pool on it, meanwhile some metal powder with certain chemical composition was injected into the melt pool. So when the laser beam scanning over the surface, a cladding track was produced and the characterization of the metal surface could be improved by the chemical composition of the powder and the quality of the laser cladding.

Now SITEC put lot of attention in the laser cladding application and build FEM models to simulate both of the thermal condition of the phase transformation in the process by the advanced FEM software SYSWELD.

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