Industrial services
SITEC - Laboratory for Laser Applications is available to companies wishing to assess the possibility of adapting laser processes.The provided support varies from preliminary experiments to the development of the laser process in the related firm.

In particular, the SITEC is capable of carrying out:

  • Process tests: these are experiments carried out in order to assess the maximum feasibility of a laser process, which are either made on final products or sample pieces belonging to the same material of the product, with the characterization of microstructural and mechanical properties.

  • Private research contract: these are activities aimed at developing the laser processing of a particular component. The research usually includes the preliminary tests, the development of process parameters for the specific product, the characterization of the results (microstructural and mechanical analyses - tensile and/or fatigue tests), design and construction of suitable fixture equipment and a techno-economical analysis for the assessment of actual advantage of laser process. 
    In addition, since the SITEC is not involved in the production of laser systems, can provide an objective analysis of the market for laser systems, can help in choosing the most suitable for the specific laser process.

  • Development of funded research projects: the SITEC contributes and participates as a university partner in research projects funded at national and international levels related to manufacturing processes in terms of basic research or industrial development.

Several companies have already benefited from the skills and equipment of SITEC.

SITEC - Laboratory for Laser Applications also belongs to the Network of Manufacturing Technologies and Systems Laboratories of Manufacturing and Production Systems Division of Politecnico di Milano. Thus, you can contact SITEC also for non-laser industrial issues; we can direct you to the research group with the related expertise.

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