Laser sources
IPG YLR-1000 fiber laser:
1000W maximum power, CW or PW (5kHz), λ=1070nm.
IPG YLS-3000 fiber laser:
3000W maximum power, CW or PW(5kHz), λ=1070nm.
IPG YLP-1/100/50/50 fiber laser:
50W average power, pulse repetition rate 20÷80kHz, pulse width 80÷150ns, λ=1064nm.
Power Weld Trumpf Nd:YAG HL 124P:
Die repair and welding station with 3 linear axes + 1 mandrel. 150W average power, mazimum pulse repetition rate 600 Hz, pulse width 0.3÷20ms, λ=1064nm.
Fiber coupler

Optoskand Fiber to Fiber Coupler M=1.2
QBH Fiber 400 micron NA 0.2

ABB IRB 4400 robot:
6-axis anthropomorphic robot.
ABB IRB 2400 robot:
6-axis anthropomorphic robot.

Aerotech ALS and ACS:
Micrometric positioning system with 2 linear axis motors + 1 mandrel.

Cutting head
    HighYag µ


    Lasermech PLYDH0133


Welding head
    HighYag BIMO

foc=200 mm; coll= 100 mm

Cladding heads
Optec zoom cladding head for fiber laser Coaxial powder adduction, nozzle for circular spot and zoom optics  
SITEC C5-M for high brillance laser with integrated cover slide monitoring system:
Coaxial powder adduction, nozzle for circular spot
Remote laser processing heads
    F-theta lens 1000mm.
Sunny TSH 8310:
F-theta lens 100mm.
Powder feeding
Sulzer-Metco 5MPE powder feeding system  
Measurement systems
Alicona infinite focus:
Microscopo for roughness and geometry measurement.
Additional instruments
  Prometec Laserscope UFF 100 beam analyzer:
High power laser beam diagnosis..
  LaserPoint 10ΒµW·10kW power-meter  
    Tektronix TDS5034B oscilloscope:
    4 channels, 5GS/s maximum sampling frequency.
    Avantes AvaSpec 2048-USB2 spectroscope:
    CCD 2048 pixel sensor, USB2/RS232 interface, bandwidth 200-1100nm.
  Sitec LWS 570:
System with 3 linear axes + 1 mandrel
  Optic bench
  Prototype head for diode laser:
Semi-coaxial powder adduction, nozzle for circular spot.
  Prototype head for diode laser:
Coaxial powder adduction, nozzle for rectangular spot.

foc=125, 200 e 350mm, coll=60 mm

  Prototype pyrometer for temperature measurement during laser heat treatment  
  Other systems are in condivition with the Mechanical Departments Labs  
SITEC - Laboratorio per le Applicazioni Laser
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